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The easiest ever recipe - Stir Fry with Lentil, Pea and Bean Shoots





I found the ingredients for this recipe in Europe under the brand name "Good4U". You can check here for the nearest store near you: http://www.good4u.co.uk/stockists.html. Visitors from other continents might well have similar alternatives but under different brand names.



more info about these lentil shoots can be found on http://www.good4u.co.uk/shoots.html#lentil-pea-bean


any bag of Stir fry Mix will do - if you live in the UK for example this Stir fry from Tesco:



Preparation time: 1 minute 
Cooking time: 2 minutes

Serves 3-4




1. Stir Fry the vegetable mix

2. Add the shoots (no washing required)

3. Add seasoning to taste


and eat!


PS: please note that as an added benefit the costs of this meal are less than GBP 2.50 (in the UK) which is ultra good value for such a healthy dish...





Ingredients (serves 3-4):


* 1 bag of Stir Fry mixed vegetables from the supermarket

* one package of "Good4U" Lentil, Pea and Bean Shoots

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