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Soup can be made out of Lentils in many ways and for a relatively low budget. Just like any other soup, Lentil soup can be incredibly versatile. This means that it can be hearty and chunky (especially if you use Puy Lentils) or light and refreshing. It can be a meal in itself or it can be a side dish although Lentil Soup is usually quite filling. It can be made by using specific fresh ingredients or if you're in a hurry and haven't got time to do your shopping it can be made by putting together the week's leftovers.


Lentil soup usually is known to be warming and easy to make so it makes the perfect dish for a winter's lunch or dinner. It is healthy due to the nutritional value of Lentils and can be frozen.


Simply said, making Lentil Soup can be summarised in one sentence:


- throw all ingredients in the pan, let it simmer and shortly use a blender -


When looking at the process of making Lentil soup in a bit more detail, a few recurring steps can be distinguished whichever recipee you make: Start with frying the oil / butter in the pan and if you use any onions and Garlic saute these for a short while to infuse the oil with their taste. Fry any meats like chicken or bacon until golden. Then add more vegetables (if you use them). Very shortly let them sweat a little bit. Then add the liquid (which can be plain water, stock of any kind or a broth). Add the other ingredients and the Lentils. Add the seasoning and finally, blend it.


A very important but often forgotten aspect of Lentil soup is the presentation! It's fair to say that Lentil Soup does not always visually look appealing due to it's mostly dark colours. So adding some herbs on top can really add value in that sense. Give the soup some colour by adding croutons (which you can make by using old bread). Or sprinkle some cheese, sour cream or fresh herbs on top! Yum!!


Quick, cheap, easy and delicious!


We have listed some easy to make Lentil Soup recipes for you on our Recipes forum. Bon appetit!







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