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Puy Lentils with Sundried Tomatoes and Basil






"Puy" refers to a region in South-Central France, where these Lentils grow on rich volcanic hills. When Puy Lentils are cooked with sun dired tomatoes and basil it will create such rich juicy flavours! This dish is perfect as a quick dinner and is simple to make.





1. Chop the Onion and the Garlic. Fry the onion and 1 clove of Garlic in a pan.


2. Rinse the Lentils and add them to the pan together with the sun dried tomatoes. Add some water and let simmer for 30 mins.


3. Towards the end add the wine.


4. Chop the Celery into tiny pieces and add to the pan together with  rest of the Garlic


5. Add Basil, Pepper & Salt and Sugar to taste.


This dish can be served perfectly well with your favourite sausage or a piece of Salmon on top! In any case serve  with a Crusty piece  of Bread with some creme fraiche.


Image: Puy Lentils with sun dried Tomatoes and Basil


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Ingredients (serves 4):


* 225 gram Green Lentils

* 75 gram of sun dried  Tomatoes

* glass of white wine

* 1 Red Onion

* 2 cloves of Garlic

* small part of a Celery Stick

* Basil

* Olive Oil

* Pepper and Salt

* Sugar



* Your favourite Sausages

* Crusty piece of bread

* 1tbs of Creme Fraiche


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