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One way to prepare Lentils is to use them in a stir fry - a technique that cooks foods quickly, using only a small amount of fat. A round bottom pan called a Wok is heated to a high temperature which means that using this method, many dishes can be cooked extremely quickly (within a minute). It's important to keep stiring the ingredients to prevent them from charring and burning. Stir fry is an old technique, most often seen in Asian cooking. It has gained popularity in the Western world over the past 30 years or so, especially as its advantages of fast, healthy cooking have become apparant. The Lentils are a healthy addition to any stir fry and give them a hearty, sturdier texture.


The first rule of thumb for stir fries is to think smaller. Meats and vegetables should be cut into smal pieces before cooking. Think about the size of your thumb when wondering how big the chunks should be.


It's all about emphasizing fresh flavours which can be achieved by cooking the ingredients as shortly as possible. For that reason the technique requires a high heat.


Many ingredients can be used to make stir fries but often there's a set amount of categories used; cooking oil, dry seasonings (including ginger and garlic), meats, vegetables, liquids and herbs. These ingredients are often added to the Wok in the afore mentioned sequence.


So how do lentils tie into this? Simple answer: stir them in as the very last ingredient...!


Even if you don't have pre-cooked lentils on hand, they cook in 30 minutes, so it's easy enough to have those ready by the time you have finished washing and chopping the other ingredients (in case you use fresh vegetables).


For children learning to cook, lentil stir fries are a fun way to begin...!


Try a lentil stir fry yourself...!







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