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Lentil Salad





Lentil Salad

Why not eat Lentils in a Salad; warm or cold? Salads should not just be considered as side dishes...


Especially when using Lentils a Salad can very well be considered a dish on its own. A well made salad should deliver a lively interplay of flavours, smells and textures. And if eaten as a dish on its own it should be substantial enough that you don't get hungry one hour later. Lentils do contribute to giving any salad a distinctive flavour and texture.


Since all ingredients are low in calories and are a good source of fiber, it's a great way to add volume to a meal without adding a lot of calories.


Basics elements of a Lentil Salad:

* Lentils (best for a Salad are Puy Lentils because they don't disintegrated when being cooked, meaning that they will give your salad a crunchy texture)

* Some Greens (Lettuce, Spinach, Arugula, mixed Salad Greens, Kale, Romaine, Escarole, Iceberg, etc)

* Vegetables (Tomatoes are often being used because of it's juices).

* Dressing / Vinegrette

* Optional are fruits and meat/fish/cheese


A Dressing is an emulsion, meaning; a mixture of two unblendable liquids, in which one liquid forms tiny droplets within the other. In most cases two liquids are being used: Vinegar and Oil. As a rule of thumb you can use 1 part of Vinegar to 4 parts of Oil. Add your seasoning to the base vinegar before whisking in the oil. That way, the seasoning and sugar will dissolve and spread evenly through the dressing.

You can use a wide variety of vinegar and oils, leaving lots of space for some experimentation!

Add herbs of your choice.

Mustard is often used to give the dressing a little kick and honey can be used to sweeten your Salad.


A good dressing should complement a Salad and not overpower it.  


Toss it all together and voila!


Adventurous and refreshing! Have a salad for dinner or for lunch!


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