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Lentil Patties






Use Lentil Patties as an alternative for hamburgers or as as a healthy filling for your bread buns.

Lentils make very healthy Patties which can help maintaining a healthy diet and it can be a fabulous help with trying to loose weight! When eating bread, use the patties as a filling - simple but very nice! Or treat your family to a barbeque with Lentil Patties - something different, but so healthy.





1. Cook lentils, onion and salt until all water is absorbed (make sure to put in enough water and add a bit if needed).


2. Mash the lentils while making sure that some of them are left whole.


3. Add the equivalent of 4 slices of bread in cubes to the lentils and stir the eggs through as well. Keep on stirring until the mixture gets the consistency that is required to form patties.


4. Flatten the patties and fry them in a pan (in some olive oil for example).

When they're brown they're ready to eat. Use them as you would any other hamburger (for example with cheese and ketchup). Great taste!!




Ingredients (serves 2)


* 250 grams of Lentils

* 1 chopped Onion

* 4-6 slices of bread in 1 cm cubes

* 2 small eggs

* Pinch of Salt to taste

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