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Super Simple Lentil Houmus


Use Lentil Houmus as a healthy spread on your sandwich or as a dip to accompany carrot sticks

Lentils make a very healthy Houmus which can help maintaining a healthy diet and it can be a fabulous help with trying to loose weight! When eating sandwiches, use the houmus as a spread - simple but very nice! Or treat your guests to carrot sticks with a Lentil Houmus Dip - something different, but so healthy.





1. Rinse the Lentils (green, red or brown according to your own preference and cook them until mushy).


2. Puree the Lentils with a mixer. Stir in some Olive Oil if necessary and add salt to taste.


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Ingredients (serves 2)


* 150 grams of Lentils

* 2 Tablespoons of Oil (optional)

* Pinch of Salt

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