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What is Lentil Broth?


In cold times, eat a delicious homemade Lentil broth! A Lentil broth can be defined as a soup with solid pieces of meat or fish and vegetables. A broth is usually made with a stock or plain water at its base, and meat or fish being added while being brought to the boil and vegetables added later. In order to give the soup more substance and texture, rice, barley or pulses (lentils for example) or a combination of those are added.


You can buy broths ready made from the supermarket, but it is so simple to make a lentil broth yourself. The most simple way to explain how to make a broth is; you throw your ingredients in a pan of boiling water and let it simmer until ready...!


The benefit is that you can use all sorts of ingredients that were left over.


Don't forget that a lentil broth can be perfectly suitable for vegetarians and vegans as well (just use a vegetable stock and don't add any fish or meat).



Lentil Broth Recipes:

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