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What is a lentil Curry?

A Lentil Curry can be seen as dish of Lentils, meat (or without meat if vegetarian), poultry, fish, shellfish, and vegatables, cooked in an indian-style spice sauce mostly served with rice.


A lentil curry can be seen as a souce based dish flavoured with curry powder or a paste made from the powder and oils and in which lentils are used.


In Western culture (especially in the UK), Curry is a term primarily used to describe a variety of dishes from India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, and Thailand. They have in common that they have rather complex combinations of spices and herbs and often combined with the spicyness of Chillies.


The so called Curry-Powder is a mixture of spices that is traded in Western Europe. Such mixtures are thought to have been the first mixes Indian merchants prepared for sale to members of the British Colonial government during the 19th Century.


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