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Calories and Nutritional Values


Nutritional Facts about Lentils


* Absolutely low in Calories! (about 115 Calories per 100gram cooked Lentils)

* Lentils contain on average (depending on the type of Lentil) 26% in protein.

* Cholestorol lowering soluble Fibre

* Known to give you steady slow-burning energy, while stabilising blood sugar levels

* High in dietary fibre - Red lentils contain less fibre than green lentils (11% as oposed to 31%).

* Lentils provide high amounts of important minerals, and 2 B-Vitamins.

* Very low levels of fat

* Studies have been conducted that indicate that eating high fibre food like Lentils lowers your risk at heart diseases (due to its high levels of fibre, folate and magnesium).

* Iron will help your blood stay healthy














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